Fujifilm Officially Announcements Pricing for X20 and X100s

I previously estimated the new X20 and X100s to be retailed at Recommended Retail Price (RRP)s 20% higher than the RRPs for X10 and X100s in my recent post. However, Fujifilm surprised me with new X-series pricing released at their press conference recently. The X20 has been confirmed to be selling at US$599.95, and the X100s at US$1299.95.

After conversion into SGD and including additional import costs to bring the cameras into Singapore, I estimated RRP to be S$999 for X20, and S$1,799 for X100s. If you have been keeping track of the RRPs for the X10 and X100, you might have observed that the RRPs are the same for the X10 and X100 a year ago.

Good job Fujifilm!



Fujifilm Announces X20 and X100s with X-Trans CMOS Sensors

Amazing~! Just a short 1 year after the Fujifilm X10 and X100 was announced, now their successors have been (un)officially released, namely the X20 and X100s. The major key highlights of these new cameras are:

  • X-Trans CMOS sensors, which eliminates the need for filters against moire-prone patterns
  • Focus peaking feature to further facilitate manual focus users
  • Faster auto-focus timings (Fujifilm says 0.06s for X20, 0.08s for X100s)

As the X-Trans CMOS sensor has been developed in-house by Fujifilm for the X-Pro 1 series a year back, it was considered a premium sensor back then. Now that the sensor has been adapted into the fixed lens cameras X20 and X100s, I predict the price tag for the X20 and X100s will probably be 20% more expensive for its initial RRP as compared to the X10 and X100 initial RRP.

We shall see…